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Join us on Sunday, May 31st for a brand new episode of Off the Map LIVE! on featuring Kyle Dunbar and Brian Murphy. Tune in at 10pm sharp to stay up to date with what's been going on with Kyle, Brian, and the TattooNOW network!

Kyle Dunbar Inkmaster Off the Map LIVE TattooNOWTV Kyle Dunbar Skull Tattoo

You might recognize Kyle from seasons 3 & 4 of the popular Ink Master television show and these days he's been busy traveling around to tons of different conventions. We're really looking forward hearing about what he's been up to and see what his plans for the near future are. 

Brian Murphy Tattoo Off the Map LIVE Brian Murphy Skin Art Tattoo Revue Off the Map LIVE

Also on the show is Brian Murphy, a very busy guy that has been balancing his work as a tattooer/shop owner at Third Dimension Tattoo with working as the editor to both Skin Art and Tattoo Revue magazines. 

There's bound to be a whole bunch of awesome content on this show so tune in, tell a friend, and get ready for another great episode.

Check Ya Later!


Sunday April 19th


Turk form Left Hand Black and German Black and Grey Tattooer Ralf Nonnweiler


Off the Map LIVE! from Hell City Tattoo Fest in Killumbus, OH:

Friday May 1st Larry Brogan

Saturday May 2nd Timothy Boor and Hell City Founder Durb Morrison!

off the map live Hell City








Past shows

Sunday February 22, 2015

Paradise Artist Retreat Extravaganza!

Our guests include:

Guy Aitchison, Damon Conklin, Chet Zar, Dan Marshall, Ian Mckown, and Pepper!

This show is bound to be most excellent.


Sunday February 8th, 2015
Josh Duffy and Durb Morrison

Sunday January 11th, 2015

Jeff Gogue - Dan Marshall - Gabe Leonard

Sunday December 14th

Watson Atkinson and Ron Earhart


Sunday September 28th

Erin Chance and Frank Ready in the house!

On this episode we will be talking to  Erin Chance. Erin has been tattooing since mid ’06 In Auckland, New Zealand and all over the world. She is currently based in Richmond,Virginia, USA at Ghost print Gallery but travels a lot.

A self professed nerd, Erin enjoys gaming, comics, working too much and is a crazy cat lady.

We will also be joined by Off the Map Tattoo Northeast Resident Artist Frank Ready. Frank has been kicking ass lately and we'll check in and see what he's been up to.



September 14th 10pm EST

Sunday October 26th 10PM

In House guest super rad Black and Grey Bio artist Jesse Levitt 

Russ Abbott and Guy Aitchison


They will chat about their upcoming 2 day collaborative tattoo seminar/webinar happening at Off the Map Northeast. This episode is bound to be great!

August 15 and 16th 2 PM

Come see us live from the main stage at Hell City Tattoo Fest in Phoenix, AZ!






Off the Map LIVE! on stage at The Empire State Tattoo Expo Come see the show live in person!

Saturday June 21 3PM

Off the Map LIVE! host Ben Licata interviews the legendary dark art master Paul Booth live on stage. Find out where it all began and some of the amazing stories that happened along the way.

Booth was an entrepreneur at a young age. He began his own sign making shop at the age of fifteen and subsequently learned airbrushing. When he got his first tattoo, his daughter's name, his interest was piqued and he wanted to learn more about what there was to the medium. Booth has now been tattooing for over twenty years. Booth is widely considered a master of the art form.

Do not miss this opportunity to peek inside the head of Paul Booth.

Sunday June 22 Noon

Off the Map LIVE! host Ben Licata interviews portrait tattooer and painter Nikko Hurtado live on stage. We’ll get in depth with Nikko about his beginnings in the world of tattooing, his inspiration, and rise in the tattoo community.

Hurtado was born in the San Fernando Valley, California in 1981 and began tattooing in 2002, eventually starting his own tattoo parlor, the Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, California. He has been featured on LA Ink and Ink Master, as well as several instructional DVDs. In 2012 Hurtado participated as a jury member for the Chaudesaigues Award, an award that recognizes the career and the artistic choices of a tattoo artist.

This will be an interview not to be missed.

Sunday June 8 10PM EST



Carlos Torres and Conan Lea


Friday & Saturday April 11 & 12th

2-3PM Central Time : Off the Map LIVE! With Guy Aitchison from the Hell City Tattoo Festival Main Stage!


Sunday March 23rd

10pm Off the Map LIVE! With special guest Aaron Della Vedova from Guru Tattoo in San Diego, CA.

We'll also be joined by Paul Vander-Johnson from Triplesix Studios in the UK.


Topic of the night: "What is a Webinar?" We'll talk about webinars and webcasts and how tattoo artists can further their carreer with continuing professional development.


Sunday March 9th


Live from Luthier's Co-Op in Easthampton, MA

8:30PM - 9:30PM Live music with The Dire Honeys

10PM -11PM Off the Map LIVE! with In-house interviews with Off the Map Tattoo Resident artists. We'll skyping in with Bob Tyrrell to talk about his upcoming DVD "Method to My Madness" and his recent move to Timeline Gallery in California. We'll also be talking to Michele Maddison who's currently fromTriple Six Studios in the UK.

We'll Be getting an update from Brian Copperthite from France and the Le Mondial Tatouage in Paris

We'll be announcing the winner of our instagram tattoo contest where you can win a 15min Skype critique from Guy Aitchison, aTattooNOW membership and $1000 in TattooNOW advertising.

Free Off the Map Gift Certicates!



Sunday February 23rd

6-9PM: Off the Map Tattoo documentation party! Come on down with your OTM tattoo and we will take photos, video, get a few words from you about your experience, and you walk away with a $25 gift certificte! 

8-9 Music from Mario Giacalone at Luthier's Co-Op

10-11PM : Watch Off the Map LIVE!- Beaming into Luthier's Co-Op from a suite at the Motor City Tattoo Expo with Dee Dee, Gunnar, Frank Lanatra, Shane O'Neill and possible surprise party guests!

12 Midnight - 1AM Hypercast -Art Degrees In Tattooing With Teresa Sharpe, Chris Dingwell and Kimberly Reed
 One day people started showing up at tattoo shops with art degrees and all kinds of crazy ideas about tattooing... Great conversation with some amazing artists.


Sunday February 9th

3PM-? : Off the Map/Hypercast Evtravangza! * Webcasting live to Luthiers Co-op$500 in Off the Map Tattoo Gift Certificte giveaways!  Guy Aitchison and Jeff Gogue colloborate on a tattoo at Off the Map Tattoo in Grants Pass. Click here to find out more about this event, and for a chance to be the client!

Sunday Janurary 26th

* Webcasting live from Luthiers Co-op. Come see the show happen before your very eyes! $500 in Off the Map Tattoo Gift Certificte giveaways! 

8-9PM - Live Music from Them There Ghosts


10-11PM : Off the Map LIVE!- Skyping in with Megan HooglandCraig Driscoll, and Halb Strark.

12 Midnight - 1AM Hypercast # 8: The Tattoo Press, featuring representatives of several major tattoo publications including Michele Delio of Tattoo Magazine, Tony Romel of Tattoo Society, Marisa Kakoulas of Needles And Sins and Crash from Tattoo Artist Magazine. This one will be great for audience Q&A!


Sunday December 29th

10-11PM Off the Map LIVE!  Best of Season 1 and beyond.

12 Midnight - 1AM Hypercast - Tattooing Past, present, and Future with Chuck EldridgeCris Longo, and Bez.


Saturday December 21th

7PM-12AM Off the Map LIVE!  Drunk Stuntmen with Friends Holiday Special



Sunday December 15th

12 Midnight - 1AM Hypercast -The Japanese-American Connection with Jeff Gogue


Sunday December 8th
10-11PM : Off the Map LIVE!- London (Winner of Best Ink Season 1) and Ron Earhart from Analog Tattoo Arts Kolectiv. Canman co-hosts from the live party at Visions Tattoo Gallery!


Sunday November 24th

10-11PM : Off the Map LIVE! - Live with inhouse guest  Max Rothert skyping in with Nate BeaversCarlos Torres, & Mary D'Aloisio

12 Midnight - 1AM Hypercast - The Collab Show with Hannah AitchisonJuan SalgadoLitosDon McDonald and Ty McEwen




Live Parties

What's better than watching live webcasts from the comfort of your own home? How about watching it with dozens of other like-minded artists and art lovers at a live viewing party? Every week we webcast from a live party, and are joined by dozens of other viewing parties. Some folks project the webcast onto the big screen, others convince their favorite pub, that's internet savvy, to play it. It is truly an amazing time when shops and artists are getting together to create art, critique each others work, watch the webcasts live, all while interacting with the show and other viewers via the chat room. Some parties have started art projects they can work on every other week. Official viewing parties are sent DVDs and other goodies to give away during the show and are listed below. 

To host a viewing party

  • Find a location that has streaming internet capabilities. 
  • Let local artists know they are welcome, and to bring art supplies and their latest works for critique
  • Get a computer that is Skype friendly if you want to call into the shows. 
  • Get together a graphic with vital details (Location, phone number, party times).

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