Hypercast and Off the Map LIVE! viewing parties/webcast this Sunday!

Wednesday January 22, 2014

Off The Map LIVE!
Come Party With Us!
Sunday January 26th , 8pm - 1am EST
What's better than watching live webcasts from the comfort of your own home? How about watching it with dozens of other like-minded artists and art lovers at a live viewing party? Every week we webcast from a live party, and are joined by dozens of other viewing parties. Some folks project the webcast onto the big screen, others convince their favorite pub, that's internet savvy, to play it. You are invited to come down and join the broadcasting party live from Luthier's Co-Op in Easthampton, MA. 
Come see the show happen before your very eyes! 
$500 in Off the Map Tattoo Gift Certificate giveaways! 

8-9PM - Live Music from Them There Ghosts
10-11PM- Off the Map LIVE!- Skyping in with Megan Hoogland, Craig Driscoll, and Halb Strark. The awesome Frank Ready will be our in-house guest.
Megan Hoogland James Dean TattooHalb StarkFrank Ready
12 Midnight - 1AM - Hypercast # 8: The Tattoo Press, featuring representatives of several major tattoo publications including Michele Delio of Tattoo Magazine, Tony Romel of Tattoo Society, Marisa Kakoulas of Needles And Sins and Crash from Tattoo Artist Magazine. This one will be great for audience Q&A!
All times are Eastern Standard Time
More information at TattooNOWtv.com

Viewing Parties

It is truly an amazing time when shops and artists are getting together to create art, critique each others work, watch the webcasts live, all while interacting with the show and other viewers via the chat room. Some parties have started art projects they can work on every other week. Official viewing parties are sent DVDs and other goodies to give away during the show and are listed below.
Off the Map Tattoo
112 Cottage St
Easthampton MA

New Mexico:
Ten Penny Tattoo & Art Gallery
225 San Pedro NE
Alburquerque,New Mexico

Dolly Llama Tattoos
1524 N Maple Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI

To host a viewing party
  • Find a location that has streaming internet capabilities.
  • Let local artists know they are welcome, and to bring art supplies and their latest works for critique
  • Get a computer that is Skype friendly if you want to call into the shows.
  • Get together a graphic with vital details (Location, phone number, party times).
  • Email us.