Tune In To Off the Map LIVE! & Win A Ticket To PARADISE!

Sunday January 11, 2015

Join us for an epic episode (that has a nice ring to it, ay?) of Off the Map LIVE this Sunday at 10:00 PM EST. We'll be joined by not one, not two, but THREE incredibly talented artists that all specialize in their own unique styles of art. So much brain fuel to be had. It's truly going to be a show that you don't want to miss!

Tune in and win

Reasons Why You Should Drop Everything & Tune In:

1) Jeff Gogue

2) Gabe Leonard

3) Dan Marshall

4) Live chat where you can ask ANY question you want to the aritst (Okay, well maybe not any question. I know we're all dieing to know what Jeff's favorite ice cream flavor is but let's keep the questions pertinant to the topics at hand.)

paradise artist retreat

5) Chance to win a *FREE* ticket to the upcoming Paradise Artist Retreat. (This is in addition to the #PARTICKET giveaway that we are currently running on social media. We're feeling all generous and stuff like that cause we like you guys.)

paradise artist retreat

If for some reason you're like, landing a space ship on Mars and can't humanly tune in to our live show on Sunday night you can always catch the replay on our YouTube channel and enter to win a ticket to the art retreat by following the rules of the Instagram/Facebook giveaway!