Off the Map LIVE! Sunday 1/24 @ 8 pm EST - Ron Earhart & Matt Driscoll

Thursday January 21, 2016

Matt Driscoll @RaptorLazer

Tune in to Off the Map LIVE! this Sunday, January 24th @ 8:00 pm EST for a chance to catch Matt Driscoll and Ron Earhart chat about what they've been up to in the world of tattooing.  

Matt Driscoll @raptorlazer

Matt's been working as a resident tattooer at Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton, MA and specializes in what he calls Real School, a blend of his take on photo realistic images and the color and grandeur of New School.  Matt never ceases to be entertaining so this is bound to be a good show!

Ron Earhart

Also joining us will be bio specialist, Ron Earhart from Analog Tattoo in San Jose, CA. Ron is known for his large scale colorful bio-mechanical tattoos and we're looking forward to hearing about some of the projects he's been working on.

Rn EarhartRon Earhart

Check Ya Later!