Nick Baxter, Ivana, and Guy Aitchison Webisode

Friday June 28, 2013

Full webisode from 5/19/2013 featuring interviews with Nick Baxter, Ivana, and Guy Aitchison! Questions about tattoos came from host Ben Licata and the chatroom. "How important are tattoo conventions and travel?", The chat room was filled with both people curious about tattooing and individuals working in the tattoo industry. Each of the attending artists talked about their upcoming presentations for the World Wide Tattoo Conference in Boston.

The full episode also went over Tattoo Of The Day winners from which showed many of the world's top tattoo artists such as: Guy Aitchison, Jeff Gogue, Mike Devries, Johnny Smith, Adam Lauricella, London, Megan Jean Morris, Conan Lea, Brian Geckle, Jamie Parker, Canman, Tony Adamson,