Skyler Del Drago is a tattoo artist who was born in the Bay Area of California but grew up in central Florida. Art has always played an active roll in his life. At the age of thirteen he joined the family business and started painting motorcycles and cars with his father. For the next 6 years he emerged himself into the world of custom painting. His father was extremely talented and motivated and really helped express to skyler the importance of creativity and expressing yourself through your passion! At the age of 19 Skyler was ready to take his knowledge and passion to the next level and committed to his art major in college. 

While in school he began to get tattooed pretty regularly and he started to realize that the tattoo culture and lifestyle was what really fired him up. The pull to tattooing was unavoidable and eventually led him to start his apprenticeship in 2013. Skyler did a traditional apprenticeship which involved him committing 40 hours or more per week to the shop, without touching a tattoo machine. Taking his time and learning the process the right way set him up for success! His mentor stressed the importance of being versatile and always striving to learn more! Now Skyler is a well rounded artist with a strong passion to make awesome artwork in skin that will stand the test of time! 

Here are a couple of examples of his work. To see more, check back here for an updated artist profile, check our FB page, or IG: skylerjinxtattoos.